Safe use of equipment used for works at height (including PPE and fixed belay systems) depends not only on the skills of the person using it, but also on its effectiveness. Periodical inspections should be conducted once a year to check and control the safety of equipment that is used for works at height. If the equipment (including PPE) was used during a near miss incident, was damaged or got so dirty that it may have an impact on the proper functioning, an inspection should be conducted right after any of these incidents.


PPE DOCUMENTATIONThe inspected PPE and devices should have a product card, where the previous inspections are recorded or, if the product is new, the commissioning date is provided.
PLACE OF INSPECTION The equipment to be inspected and the product cards should be delivered in person or via mail/courier company to the commercial office of the company (al. Harcerska 3d, Chorzów). The method of equipment delivery after the inspection is consulted with the Client individually.
INSPECTION TIMEThe duration of the inspection depends on the amount of equipment and its complexity – it is determined individually with each Client. It is possible to inspect the equipment in the place indicated by the Client and in an express mode, after discussing the details.
VALIDITY PERIOD In accordance with the applicable law, the periodical inspections should be conducted once a year. If the equipment was damaged or its operation may not be safe, the inspection should be repeated.
The equipment used for works at height should have its own product card with the following details: commissioning date, inspection dates, equipment inspection result, information about the repairs or putting the equipment out of use. The obligation to have the product card or another document with the record mentioned above is required by law. Without the card, your complaint or other claims may not be accepted by the manufacturers.
– for the new products (prior to the first use) – the card should contain the commissioning date,
– for the products operated for a year or longer – the dates and information about the previous inspections should be recorded.


The equipment for works at height should be also inspected before every use by a competent person e.g. another worker or OSH service (depending on the internal procedures applicable in the company) and its result should be recorded e.g. in the “Results of PPE inspection before the use” document.
During the inspection, technical condition of the following elements should be checked:
– webbing materials: possible damage to the material (whether it is e.g. nicked or worn) or if there are any visible signs of the impact of chemicals or high temperature,
– stitching: if there are any visible signs of chafing, cutting or loosened threads,
– buckles: look for any visible signs of corrosion and improper use and see if all elements work well,
– plastic surfaces: especially the helmet – look for cracks, dents or signs of weakened material, impact of high or low temperatures, chemical substances, sunlight.

The equipment which is damaged or worn out may be inefficient. With respect to the user’s health and life, the faulty equipment should be put out of use (even if the lifetime has not expired yet) and replaced with equipment in good working order or the new one.

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